Re: Reading Used Books &

The Quantum Unicorn Science Fiction/Fantasy Chamber's


Pan-Galactic Multiverse
Scavenger Hunt


Every month we will create a list of 10 questions/quests for players to answer/find.

Ask at the front desk for your JULY 2024 Player's Log

Points will be awarded based on the difficulty of the question and prizes will be awarded each month to the Top Five achievers. Points awarded for correct answers only, close does not count.

1st Prize (highest total number of points): $50 Gift Certificate

2nd Prize (next highest point total): $25 Gift Certificate

3rd, 4th and 5th Prize: $10 Gift Certificate

July Player's Logs must be submitted in person, with contact information, by the last day of each month. One sheet per contestant.

Scoring will be done by Re: Reading Staff and winners will be announced on the 10th of the following month.

In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by roll of 20 sided dice (just to keep this nice and nerdy)

All questions regarding correct answers will be adjudicated by the Grand Poobah.


This is the Way. So Say We All.