Re: Buying

This page will allow customers to know what the stores are interested in buying on any given day.



Information below the line is out of date.


At both stores, but one at a time!

Step 1: Check the dates we are buying at which store.
Step 2: Check list of authors & books we want to buy.
Step 3: Bring the items to the store.
Step 4: Leave with money/store credit.


Only the owner will be buying. For information on how it will work and when he will be at each store for April and May CLICK HERE.

Listed below are 2 documents that you can open to see what BOOKS we are buying. The items listed on each page will let you know what the stores are going to buy on any given day.

Our book and Author buying lists are firm. If you want to sell TV shows/BluRay or DVD movies you must come on the specific days listed here to talk to the owner.

Donations are welcome anytime we are open regardless of staffing, simply drop off ALL THE THINGS, and we will happily deal with them.
Simple for you, fun for us.

BOOKS (lists current as of April 04, 2018)

For a list* of Authors we ALWAYS buy Click here

For a list* of individual books we are seeking Click here

If the books and or Authors you have are NOT listed above,
Re: Reading WILL NOT buy them.


NOTE: The days for buying at each store DO NOT include holidays.

If you have BluRay/DVD movies to sell or TV shows we are only buying on the dates listed here**:

Dates and Locations for:

April 4-6                   Danforth    10 am – 5 pm

April 9-12                Queen St    10 am – 5 pm

April 16-20              Danforth    10 am – 5 pm

April 23-27             Queen St    10 am – 5 pm

Apr 30 – May 3      Danforth    10 am – 5 pm

May 7-9                 Queen St    10 am – 5 pm

May 11                   Danforth    10 am – 5 pm

May 12-21             Nowhere    NoTime

May 22 & 23         Queen St    10 am – 5 pm

May 28-30             Danforth    10 am – 5 pm

DONATIONS OF ALL KINDS OF BOOKS OR DVDS ARE ALWAYS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED! We view it like a wonderful series of Christmas mornings.

*While we understand the convenience of printing out each list for your reference, please be aware that we do add/remove Authors, books and TV shows from time to time. When we are buying, we are referencing the most current version, so check online before you come in to sell if you've printed one of our lists.

** Due to the fact that the owner is a control freak, items NOT listed on the above documents will not be purchased. Dropping off items on Wednesday to be looked at on Thursday, for example, will cause the owner to have a breakdown and will therefore not be accepted.