Customer Testimonials


As more and more people express their views on the store, we have started to collect their comments to share with you.

Katherine, Toronto - BEST store EVER! I couldn't afford book club without it.

Jane F. & Randy C. - Niagara Falls - What a fabulous store! Everything is in nice, neat order, great condition books.  We will most definitely be back for a visit! Thanks!

Felicia W-Lovely atmosphere, great company, fascinating, well organized books :-D

Ana-Marija S - I LOVE that it's organized! There are very few used bookstores that do that.  And the atmosphere is really nice, and they play good music. :-)

Filip S. - Amazing store! It's so organized and has a great atmosphere! Eyyyyyyyy!

Kim O. of Toronto - This store is beautiful, nice energy. It's like something from a movie! One of the nicest bookstores I have ever seen.  I could just move in and read on the couch all day.

Andrew T. of Toronto - I have never seen a second hand bookstore this nice!

Laura A. of Toronto - This is the most beautiful and well organized used bookstore I've ever seen.

Geri S. of Coburg - Congrats on the NOW Win!  Re: Reading is the classiest bookstore I have ever attended. It is well organized and the staff is very helpful. The selection is broad and it is easy to find anything you want.

NOW Magazine Critics - Owner Christopher Sheedy raised the used bookstore bar when he opened Re: Reading this spring. You won't find a speck of dust in his bright, meticulously organized shop that stocks hardcovers, paperbacks, coffee table books and comics in good to great condition.

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